Links for 2012-09-10

In which we look at Obama's speaking style, what Bill Clinton wrote vs. what he said, and Gangnam Style.



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I'm barely keeping my head above water with the day job at the moment, so I'm a bit behind the curve on this. It's October, though, which means it's time for a DonorsChoose fundraiser. If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you've seen a few of these. If not, there's too much to…
I am utterly undecided. Feel free to make a suggestion. To me, it is simply not the case that in most regards one candidate has better positions than the other. The main difference I see is in that Clinton has articulated her positions in more detail than Obama. Obama seems to be running more of…
John discusses an argument by Bruce Bartlett that it made sense for conservatives to support Hillary Clinton in 2008, based on the following reasoning: Surveying the political landscape, I [Barttlett] didn't think the Republican candidate, whoever it might be, was very likely to win against whoever…
Art and Science: Dancing in the greenhouse singing about DNA Weigel Style Gangnam Style Parody - YouTube.

Wow. Thanks for that link to the Clinton speech thing. that's really amazing.

Thanks, too, for blogging again. I missed you.