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I'm barely keeping my head above water with the day job at the moment, so I'm a bit behind the curve on this. It's October, though, which means it's time for a DonorsChoose fundraiser. If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you've seen a few of these. If not, there's too much to explain, but let me sum up: DonorsChoose matches people with money with schools that need money, and takes donations to support specific projects proposed by teachers in needy school districts. A whole host of fine science blogs have been recruited to raise funds through blog-specific pages, and a running tally of donations via individual blogs is provided for those who like to introduce a competitive element to everything.

If you would like to support this particular Noble Cause, here's my donation page, offering a large number of science-oriented proposals for you to choose from. I haven't thrown in the usual seed money yet (because I'm not typing in my credit card information while using the wi-fi at Starbucks), but we're open for business, and would be grateful for any donations you can make.

I usually offer some incentive for donations, but don't have time these days to do anything fancy involving dancing or puppets (I'm tempted to offer to do the "Gangnam Style" dance for $15,000 or some such, because I have one student this term who might pony that up by himself. But I don't think I'm up to that), but I will put up some signed copies of my books, one pair to the largest individual donation, one to a donor chosen at random. You get your choice of languages for How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, too, provided you choose US English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

So, if you've got some money to donate to a worthy cause, please consider throwing some cash to some needy public school students via DonorsChoose.

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I'm only seeing one project when I go to the donation page.

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