Uncertain Dots 16

For the sixteenth episode of Uncertain Dots, we decided to bring in some guests, Andy Rundquist and Kelly O'Shea for a conversation about standards-based grading. This came up because I'm playing around with this using the same tiered scheme I talked about back in January.

This was a fun conversation, and some interesting ideas came up. I remain kind of boggled by the amount of oral exam time Andy puts in, and I find the notion of goal-less problems intriguing, but I'm not sure I could implement it here.

Some links:

Kelly on goal-less problems

Direct Measurement Video

So, anyway, that was fun. We'll probably do more guests at some point in the future, when appropriate. The only down side is that it requires a little more planning, getting us away from the goal-less aesthetic we've established with previous editions...

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Very interesting. I found those "goal-less problems" to be EXTREMELY interesting. I bounced the concept off of a former student who dropped by to say "hi" and he immediately went well beyond the limits of a typical problem. I can see replacing some of my active learning exercises with that, even in a class much larger than the one at that high school.

By CCPhysicist (not verified) on 03 Jun 2014 #permalink