Thanksgiving 2014

SteelyKid's first-grade class has been doing a bunch of Thanksgiving stuff. A lot of this is the lies-to-children version of the first Thanksgiving, and some of that is a little dubious (they had a dress-up "feast" on Tuesday, where SteelyKid was an Indian with a construction-paper vest and feathered headband, and oh, the parental eye-rolling...). This has also included some reflection on gratitude, though-- as mentioned on Twitter, the list of non-human things she's thankful for includes "dogs, world, sun, moon, toys, games, trees, books, food, water, air, stars, beach." (There were other pages in the book, not pictured, listing other types of nouns. The one for people listed me, Kate, The Pip, and "EMT's and all 911 people," so I think they had an emergency services presentation last week, too...).

That, in turn, led to the card in the featured image above. Which, if you can't read it, says "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm thankful for you because: You make me so happy that I want to cry and you love me and I love you, Happy Thanksgiving."

And, geez, all of a sudden there's a lot of pollen in the air, or something...

Anyway, whether you're officially celebrating a holiday today or not, I hope you're richly supplied with things to be thankful for. That's probably it from me until next week.

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