Deflategate on Discovery Canada

I know I said I was done with this story, but this was actually recorded last week: The Daily Planet show on Discovery Channel in Canada contacted me last week when all this deflated-football silliness was exploding, and got a cameraman to come over and record me talking about it. The episode aired Monday night, January 26th, and you can stream it from their archives at the link above (I think it should be episode 216, but when I looked just now, it was just "Episode 16," but the date is correct. My bit is toward the end, starting around the 35:00 mark, but you should totally watch the whole show.

This was kind of a weird experience, as the filming was done by a local cameraman with a freelance business. Nobody from Discovery was physically present-- I was taking stage directions from a disembodied voice over a cell phone, which was a new experience. I think it came out pretty well, though-- I don't hate the way I look or sound, so there's that.

The video predates the big press conference in which Bill Belichick described the tests the Patriots did, so if I were filming it again today, I'd probably be less definitive than I sound in that clip. But, you know, that's the danger of pre-recording stuff.

And, you know, if anyone reading this works in tv, and is looking to do a science show, call me. I've got ideas.

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