094/366: TEDxAlbany Stage

For obvious reasons, I don't have a photo of myself speaking at TEDxAlbany, but since that was my only real activity on Thursday, I need something to document it, so here's the stage before the show got started:

The stage for TEDxAlbany. The stage for TEDxAlbany.

You can see the stage and the podium a bit, but I went with this shot because it includes the funky space room in the background. The event was held at Overit in Albany, where they do some shooting of commercials and so on. The big white thing in the back of this shot is a kind of curved half-box that's used for a sort of green-screen kind of effect-- properly lit, a person in front of this looks like there's a featureless white void behind them, which works well when adding titles and graphics.

I know this because I passed some of the time before my talk chatting about it with one of the studio folks there, whose name I completely forgot-- looking at their web site, probably Adam. Anyway, that conversation did wonders for my nerves, so I'm very grateful.

Actual talk stuff in the next post...

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