192/366: Springing

One of the surest signs of the imminent arrival of spring is the appearance of these little purple flowers in our back yard in large bunches. I have no idea what they are, but they're kind of photogenic, so...

Little purple flowers. Little purple flowers.

Having spent much too long on the Internet, I can just about convince myself that this is really a photograph of gargantuan sculptures of flowers run through a tilt-shift filter. This probably indicates that I need to get out more. Fortunately, I'm off for a week at the March Meeting; whether that counts as "getting out more" in the usual sense of the phrase is a topic to debate in the comments.


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I dropped your purple flower pic into a Google flowers search and the closest I could find were, crocus ... Sometimes even my gardening neighbors can't agree on names for the flowers I photograph, so I end up dragging a picture into google search where I can generally find a similar flower with a name.
I even have a couple of Apps that identify plants and animals. I forget to use it when photographing something that fascinates me.
I enjoy your observations and reports on life as you live it. Thanks

By Phil Seymour (not verified) on 13 Mar 2016 #permalink

As the others have said, they're definitely crocuses. If you had the right ones you could collect saffron (it's the dried stamens).

No, UK Jim is wrong; saffron is not the dried stamens of the saffron crocus; it's the three-lobed stigma that used as saffron, unless you're buying cheap crap.

By The Phytophactor (not verified) on 16 Mar 2016 #permalink