Lightning Bolt vs. Charge

The Pip is nuts about superheroes, so when he and his speech teacher made a book, naturally, it introduced a new super hero: Lightning Bolt. It's only a couple of sheets of paper folded in half and stapled, and the text and illustrations were done by his teacher, but the contents are 100% our Little Dude, so I'll reproduce it here.

LIGHTNING BOLT by [The Pip] Orzel

[Illustration: Lightning bolt's Mask]

Alternate Identity Len Boom

Occupation: Scientist

Speciality: Studying super powers. In his lab there's a computer that can communicate with Lightning Bolt.

Home Town: Lightning Bolt City

-- can shoot lightning bolts
-- can surf on a lightning bolt to get across hot lava or water

[Illustration: Lightning Bolt's Uniform]

-- made of metal
-- Protects Lightning Bolt from villains

-- When the shoes light up it means somebody's in trouble
-- The shoes can shoot lightning bolts

[Illustration: A boot with a lightning bolt shooting from the toes]

(one of Lightning Bolt's villains)

Half Human, Half Rhino

Sometimes he gets mad and defeats himself. Lots of times he runs into buildings and knocks them down on himself.

A page from the Pip's book about Lightning Bolt. A page from the Pip's book about Lightning Bolt.

So, there you have it: The Pip's superhero creation. Watch your back, Stan Lee.

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If Charge is a play on Mr. Boom's electrical powers, that's pretty clever. If not, it's still a pretty cool villain.

I'm pretty sure that "Charge" in this case wasn't an intentional Coulomb reference. I think it's a reference to the villain's rhino attack, and only accidentally makes physics sense.

Len Boom as a secret ID name really sounds like something out of a silver age comic, too.