Royal Mail celebrates British medical and scientific breakthroughs

Good news for science-loving fans of philately: Royal Mail have released a set of stamps to celebrate British medical breakthroughs throughout the ages.

The launch marks some of the most important medical discoveries that have taken place in the UK since the late 19th Century and include the pioneering work of Sir Ronald Ross in 1897 which was pivotal in the development of today's anti-malarial drugs. Other stamps recognise heart-regulating beta-blockers, the antibiotic properties of penicillin and the computed tomography (CT) scanner.

You can get your hands on the set at your local Post Office or via the Royal Mail website.

Click on the images below to gigantify them.

i-671d7b598f5cb08bb4bd23ecda3cb874-Medical Breakthrough 58p Penicilin-thumb-130x124-55865.jpg i-03af5e338adebed973c421dc42ab7a08-Medical Breakthrough 67p Lens Implant-thumb-130x124-55868.jpg i-dc204382248d62d8dc96efea3ceba4ee-Medical Breakthroughs 1st Beta blockers-thumb-130x124-55871.jpg

i-d5443863eef49857a71945222c496748-Medical Breakthroughs 60p Hip replacement-thumb-130x123-55874.jpg i-b46b47eac27af018c29f97c00a5c0504-Medical Breakthroughs 88p Malaria-thumb-130x124-55877.jpg i-17bfcf9fc277dbda56bd4e01a9a66c62-Medical Breakthroughs 97p Tomography scanner-thumb-130x124-55880.jpg

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