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I recently teamed up with Hitt Medical Writing, LLC to bring you science/medical writing jobs (see the new section of the sidebar).

Hitt Medical Writing is a company that provides solutions to industries in the life sciences, including continuing medical education, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies.

Company founder, Emma Hitt Ph.D., produces "The HittList"TM, a free weekly subscription email containing information about science/medical writing/editing jobs (both staff and freelance).

I've been receiving this job list for ages and find it to be a great resource for freelance, full-time and part-time science/medical writers looking for jobs.

Each time The HittListTM comes out, I will feature one job on this blog. Check back regularly for new writing jobs and be sure to subscribe to The HittListTM for more jobs!

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Thanks for your support Sandra. I hope (and believe) that it will be very useful for some readers, especially for those freelance science/medical writers.

Thanks for this. I just graduated from JHU with a science/medical writing degree and hope to find work in DC.

Great idea! I love the HittList--it gave me my first major freelance clients, and it put me in contact with a headhunter with whom I'm currently in the final stages of an interviewing process for a staff job. It's an indispensable source for medical writers!

The info about HittList on the website is not available. Did you send toom any of your readers there? Thanks for the tip!

And speaking of the death panel conspiracy theory, has anyone been checking out Arthur Goldwag's coverage of Sarah Palin's conspiratorial beliefs? How sad is it that we still have candidates for national office that believe things that fail the test