An enforced day of quiet

Yesterday as I was leaving my office I gathered together materials so that I could work at home today. Being at work when no one else is around is kind of depressing, even though I know it's only because I am taking my vacation later than some. So I thought I'd change the scenery for a day and see if that improved my mood.

Then I drove to daycare to pick up Minnow and I discovered that she had a 102 F fever. A visit to the pediatrician this morning confirmed my suspicions: she has an ear infection. I'll be home today and maybe tomorrow with her until the antibiotics kick in. Hopefully she'll nap a lot and I can get some work done, but I'll also just enjoy the time around the house. One nice thing about a sick Minnow - she tends to be even more cuddly than usual. And I do like baby cuddles.

I hope everyone else can enjoy a few moments of quiet in the next few days too. Hopefully without medical necessity.


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Enjoy your children, the memories will always be with you.

(A retired chemist living in San Francisco).

Sure hope Minnow is feeling better soon!
Happy Holidays

Poor Minnow. I had ear infections when I was little and can still remember how awful they were. So I guess they lasted until I wasn't so little at all as my memories of sleeping while sitting up and swallowing icky pink medicine are rather clear. I hope she's not suffering too much and that she's all better soon.

I hope Minnow gets well soon and that the ear infection doesn't ruin her sleeping too much. We had to get tubes put in our 20-month-old's ears two months back due to chronic ear infections. He still gets infections now (which will wake him up crying the first night it surfaces), but all the gunk drains out quickly.

I suppose you have to take those quiet days whenever you can get them! I'm treating my baby Katy for an ear infection too. She's also very cuddly when not feeling well. She's snoozing right beside me. Very, peaceful.