i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgJust got word that our NSF-ADVANCE grant that we'd been waiting on was finally funded. W00T!!! Start date of October 1. It's not listed on the NSF website yet, but I'll post the link when it is.

It's $3.9M. The president of the university is the PI, and I'm one of 3 co-PIs. It will fund my research assistants and my major research for 5 years. Not bad for a newbie assistant professor.

I think I'm going to take the evening off.

Updated 9/6/08: the NSF award information and abstract is here.

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Congratulations. That is really great! If you need stories from old professors in the trenches, just let me know.

WOOHOO! Congrats!

Wow - congratulations! Good to hear about success now and again - we tend to focus on our failures instead. Enjoy your evening off. :)

Wow! I did not know how big your grant would be. . . I think it is great. . . can't wait to read of your research. . . hopefully I will understand the lingo.


Yay!! Congratulations!

By slightlyfleury (not verified) on 05 Sep 2008 #permalink

Congratulations!!! Excellent, especially these days!

By anonymous (not verified) on 06 Sep 2008 #permalink

There should be an ADVANCE program in every state!

Fabulous! I missed this yesterday but I hope you have a really fine hangover today. What a great vote of confidence that the univ pres wanted you to be one of the co-PIs.

Five years is absolutely awesome! Congratulations, you should be very, very proud and your lab folks should feel very, very fortunate.

Thanks, y'all! I'm still in the happy phase, and not yet in the overwhelmed phase. I'm hoping to stay in the former for as long as possible. ;-)

Niiiiiice! yay! That is so great! Keep that happy going as long as you can! And remember you don't have to do it all yourself! Congratulations!


This is so great for you (and for Purdue to have you doing this, I might point out)I am looking forward to hearing about all the cool and interesting things that you all will be doing


Alice that's amazing! Big huge congrats to you and the other PIs :)

Great job, Alice! I'll look forward to following the progress of your work and seeing the changes come into being. It's slow, but great work when you can really make it all happen.

Congratulations, Alice! -julia (MJIS3009)