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i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgBrianR at Clastic Detritus introduced me to the perfect meme to wrap a tedious summer afternoon of work...What books are on my summer reading list? First let me say that *love* summer and breaks because I've always associated those times with a chance to do some of the reading that I've never managed to keep up with during the semester. And I don't just mean the teetering pile of journal articles on my file cabinet, but also the teetering pile of books near my bed. I hate paying good money for a book and then letting it sit around for years unread. Plus, with my blogger schtick I feel like I should review some of the blog-relevant books I read. So I'll divide my list into two parts: (1) books I've read and need to blog; (2) books I'm hankering to read. I *know* I won't get through all of either list in the next few months, those journal articles waiting to be read and written will suck me away from the pleasure reading. (Yeah, I'll also be busy blowing bubbles, splashing in the pool, building Duplo towers, and collecting new results in the field and lab.) So without further ado, the optimistic view of my summer book reading and blogging

Books I've Read and Been Meaning to Blog

Books I'm Hoping to Read (and then maybe blog)

What's on your reading list?

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wow, I really don't know how you have time to read, I'm always amazed by everything you do. If I'm reading something other than a journal article, it's a kids book (with Z) or a cook book... or a blog :)

By soil mama (not verified) on 10 Jun 2009 #permalink

I actually just got done compiling a tentative summer list. Pretty sure I won't get nearly as close to done as I want to, but it's exciting nonetheless. Afraid my summer list doesn't even make a dent in my constantly growing Amazon wishlist. :(

Hey! I'm reading Last Child in the Woods, too! (I've been working on it for four months or so. I should blog the story about why I didn't manage to finish it over spring break... it involved the Small Human and the Grand Canyon.)

You're me - in reverse.

I've read all of the books on your "to read" list, and none on your "read" list.

I have therefore decided to co-opt your "read" list as my "to do" list. Thanks for compiling this for me, ScienceWoman!

oh crap, you reminded me that Omnivore's Dilemma was on my list last year and I never read it ... oh, and Dirt looks good too! Can I quit my job and read?

Omnivore's Delimma and Sense and Sensibility are both really quick reads, especially considering their length.

I should make a list this summer, mostly it's just a growing pile of books sitting on my bedside table...

I started Omnivore's Dilemma but had trouble with it. I think I have trouble with nonfiction books where the authors are in love with their own style of prose. So even though I appreciate Pollan's message, it's hard for me to read his stuff.

I highly recommend Sense and Sensibility :).

And I look forward to adding the other books on your list to my own!