SciWo's Storytime: Lakes and Ponds

This week on SciWo's Storytime, we're reading about Lakes and Ponds in a book by Cassie Mayer, from the same series as an earlier episode about oceans. While the text of this series of books is simple, I'm finding that they are a great way to engage Minnow in a conversation about the topic. Listen to how excited she gets about lakes and boats...

I wanted to take Minnow to a local lake for "No Child Left Inside Day" earlier this Earth Science Week, but instead we played with the neighborhood kids and dug in the dirt, which was pretty fun too. In any case, Minnow and I have a long tradition of playing in and around water, so here's a slideshow of a couple of the lakes and ponds we have explored together.

Want to read more about lakes with the kids in your life? Check out these wonderful books that Minnow and I are enjoying these days:
A Drop Around the World by Barbara McKinney and illustrated by Michael Maydak. Follow the water cycle from the perspective of a single water molecule as its moves around the globe.
Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Barbara Cooney. The poignant recollections of a girl who watched her riverside village drown to form Quabbin Reservoir in western Massachusetts.

Want to bring books about the environment to other students? Then check out a couple of our featured DonorsChoose projects:


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