Comments Now Working!

It was just brought to my attention today that the comments on my blog weren't working. I had thought it was kind of strange that I hadn't had a comment in almost two weeks, but, well, whatever. It had something to do with the Google search code that I had on the sidebar, so I've taken it off for now. I apologize for the inconvenience!

Regardless, the point is that comments are now working, so, please, comment away!

Update: Seed's web guru, Tim, has informed me that I forgot to close a tag in the search code, hence the problem. It's fixed now, so both the Google search and comments are now working. Thanks, Tim!

If, for some reason, the comments still aren't working for you, please let me know by email.

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I hate it when that happens.
Thanks for having Nick's back, Tim! You're a scholar and a gentleman.

*Hugs to ya both*