Naked chemists!

Phew. The fourth day in Lindau is about to end and I think I speak for everybody when I say extreme humidity is not exactly our favourite aggregate state concerning the weather in this town. Nevertheless we've had another great day at the Nobel Laureates Meeting and would like to share thus with you, fellow readers:

Two laureates have been portrayed by our bloggers today: The young chemist Oliver Schuster met Aaron Ciechanover and listened to his very philosophical remarks on modern medicine. Then our very active guest blogger from the US, Ashutosh Jogalekar, portayed Sir Harry Kroto and compares his talk to a plate of clever and outstanding appetizers.

Finally the British science journalist Matthew Chalmers got in a fight with Bora over the future of science journalism summed up yesterdays panel on renewable energies and met a surprisingly optimistic Kurt Wüthrich.

By the way: There is a section of our blog with English entries!

P.S.: I forgot to mention what gave this blog post its title. Yes, there might have been four more or less handsome chemists who had a quick bath in Lake Constance.


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