Third day at the Nobel Meeting: Rats, Laureates and a princess

In our timezone we've nearly reached the end of day three of the Nobel Laureates Meeting 2009. As before, the conference has been dominated by two conjuctures: The atmosphere of pure wit that about 600 scientists spread and scorching temperatures.

Nevertheless it is time to sum up what has been concerning us on ScienceBlogs Germany: First of all our two fellow bloggers from your site arrived - Bora and PZ Myers reached Lake Constance after a supposedly looong trip on planes and trains. Now our team of bloggers is complete.

The day started with a panel on climate change - six Nobel Laureates gathered to give their opinions on renewable energies and the pros and cons of nuclear energy. Ashutosh Jogalekar's summary can be found here. Plus he wrote further portraits about Nobel prize winners - one about Roger Kornberg and one on Walter Kohn.

Then our editor Marc Scheloske wrote an interesting article on rats that can smell landmines - if there is interest in a translation, let me know and I'll post it asap!

Readers who are not keen on scientific content may like to have a look at Tobias Maier's and Paula Schramm's pictures of yesterday's party.

The princess mentioned in this blog posting's title was her royal highness from Thailand and visited a nursery toghether with Nobel Laureate Theodor Hänsch. May the pictures speak for themselves...

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