Get Angry for the Right Reasons

There are some great campaigns around the world right now. For instance, just this morning at the Brussels Seafood Expo, 80 Greenpeace activists from 15 countries covered the stands with fishing nets, chained themselves to the stands and put up banners in 13 languages saying 'Time and Tuna are running out' and closed down several seafood trading stands. According to Greenpeace:

The Brussels Seafood Expo is the world's largest seafood trading event. If you want to see the world's remaining fish stocks literally served up on a plate, this is the place to come. 1,600 companies from 80 countries are trading their goods, alternatively known as global marine life.

Greenpeace made a stand for global marine life and I salute them.

In Vancouver, there is a huge ad campaign sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare that has plastered the towns with posters reading:

250,000 seals are about to slaughtered and you're angry they don't have your size [over a photo of shoe]. GET ANGRY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

You can watch an interview with International Fund for Animal Welfare photographer Stewart Cook and learn more about the seal slaughter here:

Meanwhile, in the U.S., where everyone seems to be comatosed with consumption, the only cool thing I've seen in the last couple weeks were the protests against China's invasion of Tibet. Much of what was done had a twinge of xenophobia and a twist of irony given what the U.S. is doing in Iraq, but I did like what Students for a Free Tibet did on the Golden Gate Bridge in that bastion of progress: San Francisco.


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"Time and Tuna" is brilliant. Whoever came up with that has the rare "ear" for mass communication. I love it. Somebody needs to go do a Flash piece built around that theme.

By Randy Olson (not verified) on 23 Apr 2008 #permalink

Hey Randy, I'm happy to flash you if you like.

By Erik Hoffner (not verified) on 24 Apr 2008 #permalink