Aussie Cats Eat More Seafood Than Their Owners

Yep. Read up on the latest research on how we're wasting fish on snobby, fat cats in Australia's Herald Sun.

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Yep. Listen to the full story at NPR.
A solution to the energy crisis: NOT efficiency, NOT elimination of subsidies, NOT internalizing externatilities. No, no. The latest solution to the energy crisis to is turn pig fat into diesel. The article was published today at the BBC: American oil company ConocoPhillips and Tyson Foods, the…
We know fishmeal has problems. After posting an article back in January on the potential for bugmeal to replace fishmeal in farmed fish production, several readers asked some hard questions and wanted more information. I like readers to get what they want, so I spoke with Dr. Lou D'Abramo, who…
This week the Vancouver Sun ran a story about the deaths of marine mammals at salmon farms, which smatter the British Columbian coast: The Living Oceans Society says that within a two-week period a Pacific white-sided dolphin, harbour porpoise and Steller sea lion got entangled and drowned in the…

She's a blind believer who isn't informed on the issues and doesn't have any qualifications or much experience (two things that actually hinder you from being electable in the GOP.

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