Greenpeace Makes Some More Difference

You know I appreciate a lot of the work Greenpeace does in the seafood market (for instance, chiding retailers and sabotaging seafood expos). This week, they've done it again. Greenpeace erected 'crime scenes' at 8 Loblaw grocery stores in Toronto with the message "caught red-handed selling Redlist fish." The following day, according to Intrafish news service, Loblaw officials were reportedly "disappointed" but said they would work to offer more MSC-certified fish.


Also, The Vancouver Sun reports this week that dogfish fishermen off the coast of British Columbia saying the market for dogfish is the lowest it has been if four years due to Greenpeace campaigns in Europe to stop all shark products from being sold--providing some evidence for an effective campaign.


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Where I live, greenpeace is not considered a charity! It's because they are politically active. How the heck else are they supposed to get results? Go greenpeace!

The problem with with greenpeace is that you have to judge each campaign separately. Some of it is ok but a lot of it is not and most importantly they often get the science wrong in order to scare people and promote themselves.

Seriously? Ya they made a BIG difference, now people have even less respect for Greenpeace or the wackos that are associated with them.