Great things await you onlineâ¦

Three awesome things are going on today for you, and I invite you to check them all out:

  1. The latest Carnival of Space is live, where you have your choice of 23 different astronomical topics to choose from. Of course, my post this week on galaxies and how they're made is on there, too!
  2. Pamela L. Gay, cohost of Astronomy Cast, blogger of Star Stryder and all-around great person, saw a press release this week about whether we need dark matter and dark energy. The answer, of course, is yes, but since I'm an expert on that stuff, she came to me and asked me to give my analysis of the scientific articles. You can find my first guest post on her blog here.
  3. I found the perfect job advertisement for myself: hosting a science-based TV show! The concept is that I would be Dangerman, putting my life in the hands of science and performing stunts that would otherwise be life-ending. This would be great for me because I wouldn't do this crazy stuff unless I was confident I would live, and so I'd be great at convincing the audience that, against the odds, I ought to survive. I think I could bring a perspective that it isn't about having faith in science, it's about understanding the way the world works that would allow me to live through those stunts. Plus, I love doing crazy stunts!

So seriously, go read the Carnival of Space, go read my guest post over on Star Stryder, and go email Annabel Rafferty and tell her that I would make a wonderful Dangerman!

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