Weekend Diversion: Things That Look Like Other Things

"Appearances are often deceiving." -Aesop

While the Louvin Brothers might tell you that something else is more deceiving than appearances, as they sing

Satan Lied To Me,
there's an internet site out there I've just discovered that celebrates creativity in deceptive appearances.

For your enjoyment, I present Things That Look Like Other Things! Some of my favorites are:

floor pillows that look like pancakes, complete with pats of butter,

a light fixture that looks like an ice-cream cone, perfect for your fluorescent bulbs,

kitchen utensils that look like household and garden tools,

a cocktail shaker that looks like a can of spraypaint,

a knife block that looks like a very unhappy voodoo doll,

a suitcase that looks like a sandwich,

a very meta fishbowl that looks like a fish itself,

and, perhaps the best of all, a trash can that looks like R2D2!

I've been absolutely fascinated by these and many others, so much so that I've started to look for some of them available for purchase online. So check them out, and have a great weekend!

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Oh, come on! How could you overlook the "floor mattress that looks like the Moon"?!? (August 19)

By Randy Owens (not verified) on 16 Oct 2011 #permalink

I was pretty tempted by the fish shaped fishbowl but then I remembered fish are incredibly boring pets. It's still awesome though.

Fish are not boring at all, Jennifer! My goldfish are better at playing with a laser pointer than my cat is.

Do not keep goldfish in a bowl like that though, it is FAR too small, keeping them in something like that is basically equivalent to torturing them.

Neat stuff, especially the pancakes.

By northierthanthou (not verified) on 31 Oct 2012 #permalink