Throwback Thursday: Fun Facts for Pi Day (Synopsis)

“So here we have π squared, which an engineer would call ‘10.’” -Frank King

This March 14th, stump your friends with these amazing facts about the world’s favorite transcendental number!

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons users TechnoGuyRob and InverseHypercube. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons users TechnoGuyRob and InverseHypercube.

I've written about Pi Day twice before here on Scienceblogs, but for this year's festivities, I've assembled a collection of my favorite facts about everyone's favorite irrational but indispensible number, from history to pure mathematics to birthdays to astronomy!

Image credit: Emil Ivanov, via, and cropped by me. Image credit: Emil Ivanov, via, and cropped by me.

So go and join our celebration of Pi day, and chime in by sharing your favorites!


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Set your clocks now for March 14 2015 at 9:26:53.

One last fun fact is that 3.14 in a mirror is PIE ...
While not a correct spelling still pretty interesting.

how dose tht make any since i think i didnt read it correct let me read it again

Because Pie is an irrational number it can be said that every single person's exact time and date of birth would be somewhere in the decimals of the fraction.

By Jean-Pierre St… (not verified) on 18 Apr 2015 #permalink

If decimals of fractions can be celebrated, the celebration of PI -DAY is even more appropriate. Science is merely a thought of what already exist and only come to the knowledge of mankind once discovered. So we can celebrate everyday!!!

By d moolman (not verified) on 19 Apr 2015 #permalink

For 24 hours, Pi Day 2015 will be the one and only Pi Day in the next 100 years that will actually reflect the first five numbers in everyone's favorite irrational number, pi, which is 3.1415.