Weekend Diversion: Had NASA believed in merit (Synopsis)

“I would give my life to fly in space. It’s hard for me to talk about it but I would. I would then, and I will now.” -Jerrie Cobb, at age 67 in 1999

Some of the greatest heros of the 20th century are those who were an integral part of humanity taking our first steps into space. Yet not everyone who deserved one got their chance. Have a listen to Railroad Earth's amazing but incredibly sad song,

Bird In A House,

while I share with you a story about NASA's very first astronaut class.

Image credit: the Mercury 7 astronauts, NASA, taken March 1, 1960. Image credit: the Mercury 7 astronauts, NASA, taken March 1, 1960.

Not the famed Mercury 7, who were our first seven astronauts selected to go to space by then-President Eisenhower, but the woman who was better qualified than practically anyone else who never got the chance.

Image credit: NASA. Image credit: NASA.

Come learn about Jerrie Cobb, who should have been one of the first astronauts in space, if only NASA had truly believed in merit.

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Actually, Edward Teller had no objections to women astronauts, but Lyndon Johnson and others did and a great opportunity was lost.

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 21 Oct 2014 #permalink

Apparently now Scott Kelly either believes he's a woman astronaut, or is completely dense. Seriously, he has the personality of a potato. Were there really no other twins we could use?

Some background for those not up to speed: There is a campaign trending on twitter for women engineers to combat the stereotype of all engineers being men.

It is a page of pic after pic of women engineers proudly proclaiming they exist. And in the middle of it all is Scott Kelly. #facepalm

It appears the experiment is a complete success and they've proven you can grow vegetables in space.

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