Weekend Diversion: Spook-tacular Science Pumpkins (Synopsis)

“It’s said that All Hallows’ Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin — and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own.” -Erin Morgenstern

Alas, Halloween comes but once a year, giving all of us the opportunity to express ourselves in an unusual fashion. You're free to dress up, decorate, or otherwise meddle in the fictional, occult or fearsome however you desire. Have a listen to Laura Marling's bone-rattling song,

Night Terror,

while you consider the art of pumpkin carving.

Image credit: The Merrythought, via Design*Sponge. Image credit: The Merrythought, via Design*Sponge.

Sure, there are many different space, science and engineering themes you can undertake, but thanks to Fermilab and Symmetry Magazine, there's a brand new way to enjoy the holiday: by carving your favorite scientist dressed in costume into a pumpkin. There are five options to choose from, including "Mummy Noether," "Paul Dirac-ula" and of course "Albert Frank-Einstein."

Image credit: Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead. Image credit: Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Kimberly Boustead.

Go check them all out (with instructions) for our Weekend Diversion!

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