No, ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Did Not Take A Picture Of A UFO

"It's almost like I feel I'm just moving there, and I'm not coming back." -Scott Kelly

On his 233rd day in space, ISS astronaut Scott Kelly took a photo that's since gone viral of the Earth at night, showing a number of cities in India and a star field above the planet's atmosphere and airglow.

But in the upper right of the photo, a Star Destroyer-esque light looms. As I explain, however, this is simply light reflecting off of the ISS's HDEV module, nothing more complex or extraordinary than that.

Image credit: NASA, of ESA's Columbus module. Image credit: NASA, of ESA's Columbus module.

Go see how we know, and how easy it is to fool ourselves if we're not careful.

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I was going to berate you for using a picture of an Executor-class SUPER Star Destroyer but talked of a *Star Destroyer*, but then read the caption and you had already noted it.

I is geek...

As I explain, however, this is simply light reflecting off of the ISS’s HDEV module, nothing more complex or extraordinary than that.

That's what they WANT us to believe. :)

Build it out of cobblestone in Minecraft.

Too is what at stake: 1) People want to believe in UFO because it exists but no real official good picture. 2) Cylinder shape UFOs belong to a great civilization (that I think from past Earth, moved away due to ice age) and hence both combined as a story....

As to past Earth civilization: we shall know in about 75 years from Antarctica....due to super Ice Age still now.

We all know the picture is real. What is far more sensational is that ISIS already has astronauts. I hope they aren't planing a terror attack on our space station. Perhaps we can get the space aliens to protect our people in outer space. :)

By James Briggs (not verified) on 30 Nov 2015 #permalink