Cat on Roomba

We' re recently acquired the second half of that vital twosome, the cat, to complement our Roomba. And so, here is a picture of our cat, Phoebe, on a Roomba.


I hope you're not too disappointed. Alas the book has not been much used - I've read it a bit for fun but never got round to the projects - life is too short.

Meanwhile, in other non-climate news, we went to Peterborough regatta today. It being Sunday, it was the sprints (500m). We did OK, though not well, as a mens novice VIII: 1:36 in both the heats (2nd, by 1 second) and repechage (2nd, by too small a time to measure but about 1 foot).

Oh, and since the rape season is just about over, I've started taking off some honey, even though it isn't capped.

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Stoat said :since the rape season is just about over"

WTF? I know you Yuropeens are backwards but really! Do you have a pillage season as well?

[Yes, odd isn't it. I meant -W]

You're missing a part of what really is a threesome: slot cars!

By Rattus Norvegicus (not verified) on 06 Jun 2010 #permalink