Today Libya...

Good luck folks.


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Don't wish them luck. Libya is a nation that had a big-bad individual person to get rid of. Wall street isn't a nation; it's a row of buildings.

Watch the skies...

Colin, I suspect the sign has more to do with resisting big corporations pulling an Iraq and "moving in like vultures". Click on the photo.

This is the sort of thing that got me out in the '60s -- wit the Quakers and the Catholics -- to stand in between the protesters and the police, urging nonviolence.

It wasn't all that safe at the time. Doesn't look any safer.

But that's what witnessing is about. Well, I was usually with a subset -- those who stood at the _back_ of the Quaker and Catholic group facing _away_ from them and the police.

Those pesky critters who'd sneak around behind the protesters and police and throw things over the one group into the other, trying to provoke bloodshed, most needed watching.

ere's the followup to the video about the flash-bang tossed into the crowd:…

"The chief confirmed there was at least one injury from Tuesday's clash. Scott Olsen, 24, of Daly City, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was in critical condition Wednesday at Highland Hospital in Oakland, hospital officials said.

The antiwar group said Olsen, a system administrator at a San Francisco software firm, suffered a skull fracture when he was hit by a "blunt object." Olsen joined the U.S. Marines in 2006, served two tours in Iraq, and was discharged in 2010, the group said.

Video footage widely distributed on the Internet shows a protester, identified by the antiwar group as Olsen, being carried away by others with a head wound. While he lay wounded, the footage appears to show an officer tossing something - perhaps a tear gas canister - toward people trying to help him."

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