This makes me want to go see the movie:

Very strong humanist, socialist, antinomian worldview major heroic characters deny God final winner in the battle of superheroes believes that killing people in the interests of peace is a worthwhile endeavor, a belief shared by most major Communist leaders of the 20th Century and the character who believes in good and evil has to be removed permanently for standing in the way of progress, plus very strong anti-Americanism includes mocking Republicans, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Pat Buchanan and portraying the American hero as very cruel and selfish, strong anti-capitalist content with a strong environmentalist conclusion and homosexual references; 44 obscenities and 27 profanities; 

If this movie succeeds, it will be a travesty. Please warn your family and friends. If your children still insist on seeing it, and you don’t want to believe this review, go and watch it first. You have never seen so much gore, blood, sex, and sadism, especially in a major action movie that’s trying to get a broad mainstream audience.

The end of this gory, perverse, anti-American movie affirms the international, socialist, humanist worldview of the radical left.

Ultimately, WATCHMEN’s perverse interest in sadomasochistic images of gore and blood and its prurient interest in graphic sex scenes shows how morally and intellectually bankrupt atheism, socialism, liberalism, and leftist ideology have become.

Everyone who makes the mistake of seeing it should demand their money back.

“killing people in the interests of peace is a worthwhile endeavor” didn’t the Bush and Reagan administrations believe this?

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Meh. Are there any pandas in it?
Seriously, apart from the most obvious misrepresentations (of the left), it'd be good if undermining your redneck parents' persecution fantasy could be the new cool.

Yup, we can't have a movie that actually explores profound moral issues instead of trivializing them down to platitudes.

There are plenty of possible bases for criticizing Watchmen -- but those ain't any of them. One gathers that it was written by someone who doesn't even know what the title refers to.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 06 Mar 2009 #permalink

"...revenge, idolatry, Egyptian pharaoh worship..."


By Todd Hollywood (not verified) on 06 Mar 2009 #permalink

Just read the books first or the first hour or so is confusing.

I don't see a mocking of Nixon. Yes there is a mocking of Reagan but that is because in this alternative world Nixon is so popular that he can get what is his fourth or fifth term in office.
I shudder to think that this review is written by someone who thinks that the Comedian is supposed to be a hero and not what he's depicted as.

As environmentalist issues, they left out (of the movie) the blue guy making enough lithium (and other stuff) so that the entire world can run on (almost free) electricity. If that would have been in there I think someone might have had an heart attack just seeing this movie.

What he's right about is that they should have split the movie in parts .

Well Rorschach is out to get even. There is no idolatry just a guy using a replica Karnak to start what he considers the rebirth of humanity.

@D.C Sessions:
Nope the person has seen the movie. That said the person has misconstrued about everything in the movie. And can't connect the dots on one of those numbered dot thingies.

By Who Cares (not verified) on 06 Mar 2009 #permalink

The people running that site can't even figure out how to do a Top 10 list. It would probably be pointless to explain to them the difference between a review and a re-cap.

Serious question here: what's the distinction between an "obscenity" and a "profanity" the whinger seems to be making?

By ChrisTheRed (not verified) on 09 Mar 2009 #permalink

"socialist utopia where liberty, justice and goodness are destroyed for the sake of a totalitarian peace"

Whoosh. I can hear the sound of this stories point going right over the reviewer's head.