It's Earth Science Week

It's ! It's also the week before the Geological Society of America annual meeting, and I'm going to be spending this week running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get everything graded, an exam written, a post written about my talk (Tuesday afternoon), and my student's poster printed. (He's graduated and currently fighting forest fires, and he put the draft poster together by himself, so I guess I can wrestle with the dreaded plotter.) So I'm probably not going to try to help you understand climate myself. However, I can be a cheerleader for this week's events!

Tuesday is No Child Left Inside day. If you're as busy as I am, and can't actually take kids outside while you're putting the finishing touches on your GSA presentations, I've got a solution for you. Donate to the geobloggers' . As a bonus, Anne at Highly Allochthonous has picked out five projects that she would like to see fully funded, and Anne and Chris promise to take requests for post topics as a thank-you gift to donors. (The zombie-protection rock hammers project has been funded, thanks to all of you - I guess I can take a post request for that one!)

Thursday is Women in the Geosciences day. So, um, help your favorite woman geoscientist by doing something to let her get ready for GSA. (I love the idea, but I am completely failing in my mentoring duties on that day. Meant to have a potluck for students, but I'm going to be flying to Portland the next afternoon...)

Thursday is also Blog Action Day. It's not an official part of Earth Science Week, but the themes this year are the same: climate change. So you can be part of two things with one post, which is especially good for busy conference-preparing people.

So... happy Earth Science Week!

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This Earth Science Week's focus is on understanding climate. We are now 2 months out from the all important UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. It is a likely last opportunity for the world to come together on global warming in advance of the Kyoto Protocol expiration.

My Center is using Earth Science Week to kick off 2 months of climate education. Featured at Blog on the Universe are posts on Earth's environment and climate change that are great for the general public, and can also be used as lessons in the classroom.

Read them with a cup of coffee.


Jeff Goldstein, Center Director
National Center for Earth and Space Science Education