PhysioProf goes solo!

The word on the e-streets is that DrugMonkey co-blogger, PhysioProf, has hung out a new shingle at. . .PhysioProf, the blog. (So as not to confuse the issues, DrugMonkey is the lead blogger at DrugMonkey the blog. . .does that make sense?).

But we get the best of both worlds: PhysioProf will still be continuing his more academic gig at DrugMonkey.

PhysioProf has been a thoughtful commenter 'round these parts and has been a strength over at DM, especially with regard to academic research, funding, career development, and general issues such as how not to screw up one's own faculty interview. PhysioProf the blog will likely expand to cover more political rants and such:

Topics that I plan on addressing here definitely include politics, media, academia, and other blogs. Topics I may address if I feel the urge include sports, food, and anything else that tickles my fancy. As far as academic issues relating directly to biomedical research goes, I will continue to post my thoughts in that area as a co-blogger at DrugMonkey.

Go on over to offer congratulations and kick the tires.

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My pleasure, chief! I thought I had blogrolled you but I was missing a tag in my rush to do so. PhysioProf should now appear to the left under 'Science'. Looking forward to reading.