Rise Up: Blogroll Amnesty Day


Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day, originally proposed by a reasonably prominent blogger who used the occasion to relieve himself of guilt when purging his blogroll and building back up only a list of those he reads regularly.

I learned via my new homies, PhysioProf and DrugMonkey that Jon Swift and Skippy have proposed this day instead as an opportunity for low-traffic bloggers to blogroll even lower-traffic bloggers to help everyone rise up in notoriety.

Despite being here at ScienceBlogs for 20 months, I have managed to keep my readership to a small but select group - albeit a high-quality group who has been near the top of the Borg's DonorsChoose fundraising efforts the last two years. Staying away from politics (except where it impacts federal research funding) and religion has probably contributed to our remaining small.

Like Swift, I've also tried to follow the golden rules of blogging and welcome the chance to blogroll anyone who blogrolls Terra Sig. I've been incredibly fortunate to garner links from a good many higher-traffic colleagues that have allowed me to emerge from near obscurity to only moderate obscurity.

So, to commemorate this occasion please let me know if you'd like to be included in our blogroll here. More importantly, if you've blogrolled Terra Sig and don't appear on the blogroll by all means please let me know. Finally, if you know of any blogs I should be reading on pharmacology, from students in pharmacy or the pharmaceutical sciences, or from commentators on the evidence-based investigation of natural products and dietary supplements, send me an e-mail with your/their link or drop a note in the comments.

Addendum: You've gotta love that big ol' softie at heart, PZ Myers, for joining in with this sentiment:

Nobody succeeds in the blogosphere without making connections, lots of connections, and joining in the spirit of profligately linking to sources everywhere ... and getting linked to in return. All the big dogs get that way by growing from small beginnings with the help of a community of readers -- and once you've grown large, that does not mean your obligations to that community end.

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Staying away from politics (except where it impacts federal research funding) and religion has probably contributed to our remaining small.

Fucking wimp. Hey, your DrugMonkey link in the blogroll is to the old joint at Wordpress.

Fixed. I usually read both of your sites via my RSS reader so I neglected to update the blogroll URL when y'all were borgified.

Fucking wimp.

Hey man, I just don't have either the passion or skills shared by folks like you or the rest of the politics and culture wars community. Folks, if you want to read about politics, go here.

I'd be happy to blogroll you and intend to do so, as soon as I actually take the time to put one up. Unfortunately, I get so little time there, that I have yet to create one, just another of the many things I am behind on.

OTOH, I have linked you in more than one post. Indeed, with a little looking, one can find links to all my favorite sci-bloggers there.

Oy, I should note that I have no expectations of you bloggrolling my semi-sane, non-science, sporadically posted blog. Just thought I'd mention that the only reason your not linked in my sidebar, is that no one is yet.

Thanks so much, everyone - this was a great success. I think that I've got everyone added. My apologies to those who've been linking to Terra Sig without me reciprocating - we should be squared up now.

DuWayne, I know that you link to me quite often and I appreciate it greatly. Even though, yours is not necessarily a science blog, I do keep a blogroll selection for my other friends, of which I consider you one!

3+speckled, I greatly appreciate your endorsement. Thanks!

Hey, Abel! You plugged me way back when, but I don't see anything in your blogroll!

As an aside, I love the way the blogging community works to support itself. It's great to see established members encourage newbies with feedback and hyperlinks. Blogging is creating some of the best content on the web these days; the era of self-publishing is exciting indeed!

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at robsingleton.net. Please link mine to yours in return. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at robtherev@gmail.com. Thank you!

Rob Singleton