Disappearance of Tiffany Sessions

i-fb2f6c12769f2695d2087108e61dca44-sessions.jpgNineteen years ago, University of Florida junior, Tiffany Sessions, disappeared from her townhouse complex in Gainesville, Florida. What happened to her remains a mystery today.

While a graduate student, a certain pharmacology blogger lived for two years in the same complex as Miss Tiffany up until five weeks before she disappeared. Along with a few dozen other UF students, they shared the same running route that bordered the pasture of the university's agricultural institute. Some thought that she was abducted somewhere along her run but others say she was last seen talking with someone in a car in the complex parking lot.

Her mother, Hilary Sessions, ha[s] viewed more than 170 dead bodies in the 218 months (and unfortunately, still counting) since she disappeared. [source]

When the blogger thinks of all he has done over the last 19 years, he feels a tremendous sense of loss for Tiffany's family - for what Tiffany was to them and what she would have become. Several other UF families have experienced the loss of their children but none have had to live with two decades of uncertainty.

We still remember. And we wish for Tiffany's family closure and much peace.

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Twenty years ago, University of Florida junior, Tiffany Sessions, disappeared from her townhouse complex in Gainesville, Florida. What happened to her remains a mystery today. The photo to the left shows Ms Sessions on the left as she appeared in 1989 with the photo on the right age progressed to…
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Very sad. She looks like a very cheery person in the photo. And the hairstyle brings back memories of my own high-school and college days.

I hope it is a comfort to Tiffany's family that she is well remembered.

PhysioProf: Interesting that you should note the 80s hairstyle (and perhaps why there is not a photo here of the blogger in 1989) - The Charley Project (for missing children) has posted an age-progressed photo of what Tiffany might look like today.

isles: Tiffany's disappearance happened about 18 months before the grisly UF murders at the beginning of the 1990 academic year. The impact on me at the time was only about my own mortality. But as a father now, I cannot imagine the pain of being in the shoes of the Sessions family.

The story has not been covered significantly in the press over the last two years so I felt the need to just put up a remembrance. I suspect attention will renew as the 20th anniversary approaches. Thanks for your warm thoughts to her family.

hi is there any chance that alpha delta pi and Pi kappa Alpha share a common bond. I know nothing about greeK stuff. And if so did Tiffany know a emt student in 1989 or med, premed?