Congratulations anonymous student!

One of the drawbacks to writing under a pseudonym is that when people around you do well, it's sort of dodgy how you can use the blog to congratulate them publicly. In fact, dear readers might ask: "Why bother putting this up on the blog?" Well, I'm just proud - like a parent - like an anonymous, proud parent.

In my various iterations of adjunct professorship, I get to interact with some really tremendous students in the health sciences - some I even convince to come do some lab work or some literature projects in the name of our national medical research agency. Some do both - and a couple truly kick ass.

So today I just wanted to publicly acknowledge NewMexicoGymnastGirl for her work in my salt mine over the last two years and recently scoring a killer clinical pharmacy residency at a truly superb hospital and major metropolitan medical school.

A tremendously hardworking student gets a well-deserved reward and gender equality in the health sciences makes another step forward.

Pass it on, my friend, pass it on.


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Congrats NMGG!!! And to Abel as well, you can take some credit for job well done.

Right on! Funny timing because right after we commented on each others sites the other day- I popped out a whole draft about the power of positive reinforcement..I see you are on top of this subject!

Watching our students excel is a major compensation for academic low pay. Congratulations to you both!

Thanks, all - but my role was merely analogous to that of a winemaker. When you get stellar grapes from a fantastic property, it's pretty hard to make a bad wine. NMGG gets all the credit: intense, compact fruit with the perfect balance of sugars and acids.