Forensic Pharmacy, Drug Regulatory Affairs, and Combined MBA/MS in Pharmacy: Go Gators!

This just in from David B. Brushwood, RPh, JD, Professor of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. David said, "we could use your help promoting the programs to anyone you know who might be interested."

So, I know you and since you read this blog, you might be interested (see here for more information on these programs and others already ongoing):

We have really worked hard to develop three new online, part-time programs that will interest you. These are in addition to the programs that are up and running. The new programs start this fall. Here is what we have:

A combined MBA and MS in Pharmacy, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical business. We are partnering with Stetson University. Students get an MBA from Stetson and a MS in Pharmacy from UF, and it takes only 3 years of part-time completely online study. This is normally the amount of time it would take to complete the MBA only, as a part-time program. By transferring coursework from and to Stetson, we reduce the time it takes to complete the two programs.

Forensic Pharmacy as a masters concentration. This program will appeal to those students who want to explore how medicinal chemistry is used in the investigation of crimes using pharmaceuticals, as well as building a case, and either prosecuting or defending the accused person. Some of the graduates of this program will want to become sworn law enforcement officers. Others will be consultants to law enforcement.

Drug Regulatory Affairs as a masters concentration. This is a nuts and bolts drug regulation program that will be part of what we hope to one day include in a partnership we would like to develop with the FDA. Discussions with the agency are currently underway. Stay tuned for more information about this new partnership. The concentration starts this fall.

You can find additional information about all of these programs at the program website:

And at the website you will find information about our previously developed programs in:

Pharmacy Regulation and Policy

Applied Pharmacoeconomics

Clinical Research Regulation and Ethics

Patient Safety and Risk Management

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