Congratulations to top Denver docs

i-7a55f6faf300256ef8293f617e5eaa53-Reusch 5280.jpgNobel Prize month also means that Denver's 5280 magazine has announced the annual results of their top 270 medical professionals in 79 specialties. While the picture here is the cover of last year's issue featuring my dear colleague, Dr John J (Jay) Reusch, the good doctor was again named among the top six physicians in Cardiovascular Medicine. Our other compatriot, Dr Daniel (Dan) Bessesen was named for the sixth year among the top specialists in Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism.

Even my former pulmonologist, Dr James (Jim) Good, made the list - for his 14th year! The Pulmonary Disease category is extremely competitive, particularly because Denver is a historical landmark in respiratory medicine and home to the USN&WR #1 ranked National Jewish Medical Center. Honestly, you can't help but feeling well when you are treated by Doctor Good.

I had the great pleasure of doing my postdoc down the hall from Dr Bessesen when he was doing the research portion of his endocrine fellowship. My research training with physician-scientists like Dan gave me the opportunity early on to appreciate the particular contributions of this hybrid professional. Moreover, I can easily cite Dan and Jay as the two most influential gentlemen in my adult life despite the fact I never did end up going to medical school (sorry, PharmMom).

And while Google-stalking me old mates, I learned that those of you in Denver can see Dr Resuch in a different light Monday evening when he performs his band's music in a rare solo performance.

i-7a6a483212f71a7e4504ba7826d3d3e0-kutner_5280_Oct08.jpgLest you think from these three names that the Denver medical community might be too paternalistic, about 40% of this year's honorees are women, with the University of Colorado internist, Dr Jean Kutner gracing this year's cover.

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