"We figured out during the case that it was saying hamburger"

Hamburger lung.jpg

From today's article by the always-interesting Sarah Avery at the News & Observer:

After several failed attempts to extract the item, Manley was referred to another doctor, who suggested removing the entire left lung. "I said, no, I wouldn't be doing that," Manley says.

That's when he decided to seek a second opinion at Duke University Medical Center.

We've heard of "hot tub lung" and "popcorn lung" but my chest hurts just thinking about "jagged, fast-food implement lung."

If this case does not make it into the New England Journal of Medicine, I will be disappointed.

Photo credit: Duke Hospitals via the News & Observer
Title quote: courtesy of Dr Momen Wahidi, director of interventional pulmonology at Duke

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Among the objects I've seen removed from lungs are two teeth and an orange slice.

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