ScienceOnline2010 Saturday Evening Banquet

Welcome, fellow ScienceOnline2010 registrant! This is just the payment page; for more details on the banquet, CLICK HERE.

ScienceOnline2010 Saturday Night Dinner

Radisson at Research Triangle Park

Saturday 16 January 2010 - 7:00 pm

$37.50 (USD) per person

(includes $1.50 PayPal fee)

Who are you paying for?
Guest names, if any

Once your payment clears, I will mark you as paid on the list at the conference website.

If you are unable to use this method of advance payment, we can take cash at the conference. However, please still sign up at the bottom of the conference banquet page so we can get a fairly accurate count for the hotel.

If you have questions, please comment below or send me a note to abelpharmboy via Teh Googly One.

(Note added 5 January: Just so you feel secure in paying with PayPal, I just received a call from them asking if I really was me, whether the pay buttons were really on this wiki or my blog, and whether I hold the contract for the banquet - they just earned their $1.50 in my mind)

We're really looking forward to seeing you!

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Ah, my note "(multiple personality, at least appetite-wise)" makes no sense now that you deleted "(one person)" after your name ;-)

*stab stab stab* I tried to pay, but fucking PayPal won't let me -- it says I have an account, so I must log in to pay, but then it won't let me into that account (and the "forgot your password" system doesn't work... even though I haven't forgotten the password, I thought that might unlock the damn thing).

Sorry Abel, I'll have to pay cash on the day.