LungMutiny2010 - Still Life


I started strong this morning, lots of e-mail interaction with the lab and even a few hundred words on a blog post, but then had another setback.

Hence I offer you a photographic (iPhone cam) composition entitled, "Still Life."

I am too young to feel this old.

(Special note to PalMD: No vomiting from the new clarithromycin but, damn, my pee smells funny.)

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Ha! Good eye! I just couldn't find any John Pearse strings in the house.

I have pneomonia also. I'm squinting to read the labels on the things on the nightstand. Yesterday I finished five days of 750 mg per day Levaquin. As a test I stopped the benzonatate 3 times a day and Mucinex DM today. Don't have the hacking cough that needs to be suppressed to conserve energy - yeah!

The Levaquin gave me a strange taste in my mouth and I could smell it in my urine the first few days.

Tough thing is deciding when to go back to work. I won't know how much strength I do or don't have until I try. I'll probably go back Friday and if I'm exhausted by lunch will leave then.

This is my 2nd pneumonia in 2 years and I think I could write a book for patients on how to handle it. The first time I was in the hospital and they gave me nothing for my cough (unless you count the darvocet and dilaudid I was given for chest and back pain)! So I was exhausted by the hacking cough.

Don't you love that extended release Mucinex? I don't care that it costs more than the generic, only having to swallow that big pill twice a day is worth it.

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