An annoying hiatus


Those of you who notice such things might have wondered where I've been over the last few days: after all, I'm now pretty much in the habit of posting to Tet Zoo every day. I've been 'absent' due to internet problems (now resolved, for the time being at least)... though, yeah, I've got other excuses too. As a result, my plans have been temporarily derailed, but I'll try and get back to speed ASAP. Meanwhile, the adjacent image shows one of the things I've been busy with this week. Would like to tell you the whole story, but can't.

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By the looks of it, under the baryonyx image you seem to be trying to work out how a megalosaurid jaw developed into a spinosaurid jaw. If so it's quite funny, as I was doodling along those lines today.

By Dave Howlett (not verified) on 13 Feb 2009 #permalink

Go spend some time with your wife and children! We can suffer the pangs of withdrawal (and can use the time to reflect on just how much you've given us over the last three years!).

By Allen Hazen (not verified) on 13 Feb 2009 #permalink

Dave Howlett wrote...

under the baryonyx image you seem to be trying to work out how a megalosaurid jaw developed into a spinosaurid jaw

No no no - these sketches are annotated corrections. The spinosaur jaw pics show (at top) what the jaw is meant to look like, while the ugly thing below it is what the artist originally produced. And it's not a Baryonyx, but a spinosaurine.

Darren, I'm glad you've found the time outside your parenting duties for other things, because those sketches look very interesting. I'm quite a buff when it comes to the anatomy of dinosaurs and other extinct animals, I can never get enough information, so I'll be awaiting more details! P.S. I'll bet you're not getting a lot of sleep, are you?

By Raymond Minton (not verified) on 14 Feb 2009 #permalink

Ah, fair enough :) the sketches do indeed look interesting - hope we hear the full story someday!

By Dave Howlett (not verified) on 14 Feb 2009 #permalink

Darren, your teasingness is abominable, but forgiveable given recent events!
I refer of course to the illegibility of the annotations and detail on those so-intriguing sketches.

Hint#1: if you post an enlarged version big enough to read, you can take a conscientious break from posting while we correspondents all just discuss your drawings at length.

Hint#2: if you do that, please be so kind as to superimpose a grid system for our ease of reference ;-)

Graydon said

It's amazing how cheerful all the heads look.

That's because... Darren loves his dinosaurs... and his dinosaurs love him!

By Graham King (not verified) on 15 Feb 2009 #permalink

Nice drawings. May i ask where and how did you learn draw such things?