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The new digs here are taking some getting used to. The biggest change is the comment system. I don't require TypeKey authentication, but if you use a TypeKey, you relieve me of having to manually approve comments. I know the system says your comment is being held for approval otherwise, but that's purely an anti-spam thing. Sign in with TypeKey and your posts will appear immediately.

Maybe the whole TypeKey thing is worthless. Let me know what you think.

Update: It was worthless. If spam becomes an issue, I'll change this, but for now, comments will just go up.


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Anything that makes it harder the comment will inevitably lower the amount of commentary, but if spam is really a problem, its probably a fair trade-off since those who really want to speak out still can do so.

I never registered with Typekey before. Even stopped commenting at Pharyngula, Afarensis, etc because I didn't want to hassle with it. Your move finally broke me. I guess it was inevitable. Will not we all be Typekeyerific eventually?

I've had the typekey account for ages, and never used it.
I've never had anybody troll under my name (god why would they want to?), other than verification of the sender, are there other advantages?

Tracy, you've basically got the gist. It prevents spam and ensures that people are who they claim to be.