Texas liveblogging, day 2, part 5: Miller Time

Miller: Real science is debate. Praises standards writers. Votes against amendment.

Nuñez is still missing.

Knight: Allen said everything that should be said.

Craig: This doesn't restrict discussion, doesn't infringe rights. It does better at encouraging freedom than old lines.

As Cargill speaks, I head out to see if Nuñez can be found. Without him, this vote will be 7-7, and will be delayed until tomorrow.

Dunbar claims to appeal to logic rather than emotion, thus disarming herself.

Knight: My logic is doing fine. Problem is in professional development around TEKS. S&W language hasn't prevented supposed intimidation.

Mercer: Students have a right to ask questions. Strawman about how people won't get into college over their religious beliefs.

Someone moves the question, but there's a point of order.

Agosto asks a question about the legal obligations relative to an anticreationist AG opinion. Legal advisor says that their debate may be evidence of religious motive, but there's nothing inherently unconstitutional about this change.

McLeroy waffles on whether it should be 2/3 or 1/2+1 majority to stop debate. This is immaterial, since the vote goes 7-7, debate doesn't get cut off.

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