I'm for S&W, apparently

I was as surprised as anyone that according to Texas Education Agency, Josh Rosenau and Eugenie Scott of NCSE Now Support “Strengths and Weaknesses” in Texas Science Standards, but John West's response is utterly hackish:

Did Rosenau and Scott misrepresent their positions in an attempt to get a better slot to speak? Or did they simply misunderstand what they were being asked? Or were TEA officials so oblivious that they somehow didn’t know that the NCSE is the leading national group opposing the teaching of strengths and weaknesses in Texas? It will be interesting to find out the truth.

Anyone who has ever dealt with bureaucracy will be unsurprised that it was the latter. Since I see Casey just a few seats down from me, he could've just asked, rather than impugning my and Genie's honor and motives.

But that's not how they roll up there in Seattle, I guess.

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Thump him in the back of the head for me.
Wish I could be there to testify. I'm only about 2.5 miles from you guys!
Thanks for the live blogging.