Mrs. Arlington/Mrs. Texas

Austen Williams, who identifies herself as Mrs. Arlington, Mrs. Texas, is bothered that she was taught evolution "dogmatically." She has a "burning desire to know."

"I just want to learn things."

Leo and Cargill are very impressed. She learned about IC in an archaeology course. Studying early bacterial cultures?

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I wonder if she's upset that she was taught her religion "dogmatically".

I'm tweeting about this @museblogger. I testified earlier. Very crazy here.

I dont think she is a Mrs Texas. She was only a delegate. Never a Mrs Texas. Anyway, aint she like divorced now?

By John Cobarruvias (not verified) on 25 Mar 2009 #permalink

Update: Austen, who went as Mrs Allen this year, won Mrs Texas America on December 2, 2012 and will compete at Mrs. America.

By Ana Banana (not verified) on 06 Mar 2013 #permalink