Kentucky Logic?

Shorter Longer Martin Cothran:

If you ignore all the comments Pat Buchanan has made claiming that the Jews (not just Israel, but the Jews per se) are a shadowy force secretly controlling world affairs, geofinance, and Hollywood, and if you ignore his invocation of the blood libel, and you ignore his denials that the Holocaust happened, and if you ignore that he blames Churchill (not Hitler) for what Jewish deaths one must acknowledge having happened during World War II, and if you ignore that he defends every Nazi war criminal he can find, and if you ignore his hiring of neo-Nazis to advise him, and furthermore if you ignore that he cites neo-Nazi work to support his white nationalist agenda and his Holocaust denial, and if you additional ignore that he seeks opportunities to appear in neo-Nazi venues, he's just like Barack Obama, if you ignore that Barack Obama doesn't really criticize Israel, if you falsely claim Obama was on a board that funded anti-Israeli propaganda, and if you ignore that Obama has not been deemed an anti-Semite by neo-Nazis, the ADL, the SPLC, and unbiased observers from every side of the political aisle, while Buchanan has.

And Shorter Pat Buchanan:

The SS officer who "forcibly unloaded the Jews from the trains, compelled them to disrobe, and drove them into gas chambers where they were murdered by asphyxiation with carbon monoxide … guarded a small number of Jewish forced laborers kept alive to maintain the camp, dispose of the corpses, and process the possessions of those killed" is the Jew of liberal fascism.

Happy Holocaust Remembrance Day, Martin!

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TPM has a post on Buchanan up now, too. One quote:

This rises to a level that would likely, ironically, put Buchanan in prison in today's more enlightened Germany, but might have earned him an officer's commission in the SS in 1938, the year he was born.

When Molly Ivins described Buchanan's 1992 speech to the RNC, she labeled him perfectly for all time. It should be on his tombstone.

Sooner rather than later.

OT: I've always said that if you want to shut Buchanan up about immigration, all you have to do is ask him, "Isn't that what people used to say about the Irish?"