Back in Amersham

Am back in Amersham after a three week trip to India. The vacation (a misnomer) in India was wonderful. So wonderful it was that at one point my body gave up digesting in disgust. A few books I read during the vacation:-

  • Temptations of the West by Pankaj Mishra - Very engaging autobiographical sort of book.
  • Tom Sawyer and The Innocents Abroad by Twain
  • Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L'Amour - Thanks to a note sometime back on Sunil's blog that introduced me to this book.
  • The Enigma of Arrival by Naipaul (currently reading)

I'll post a longer list of books I have bought to read later. I took some notes during the vacation to see if I could write a few longer posts or possibly essays. Having read Twain's Innocents Abroad book, I shall no doubt be imitating him in the forthcoming essays. Lame and vain, I shall be.

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How's the jet lag coming? Did the extra hour on Sunday help or hurt? (You did remember to turn your clock back for the end of daylight savings, didn't you?)

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 30 Oct 2006 #permalink

I find it curious that my post on Mark Twain and also on Hindu superstition disappeared. Maybe there is a good reason for that.

But if you missed it, I still suggest that you read "Following the Equator" by Mark Twain.