Inidbloggies 2006 - Results Announced

Over here. Arunn of Nonoscience takes the second prize in Sci/Tech category. Wonderful. Congrats to all the winners and pariticipants. Cheers, beers, etc.

We should hopefully have separate categories for Science and Technology next year. There are lot of excellent science blogs and it would be good not to lump them with tech blogs that are not focussed on science.

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There is a site promoting some Canadian blog awards, which says they are "celebrating the best in the Canadian blogosphere." Good premise, especially since they have a sci/tech section — maybe I can find some more worthy Canadian science blogs. What do I find? No Sandwalk. No Recursivity. No…
Panta Rei? Sounds like Greek, you say. In fact, it is greek. Panta Rei means "everything flows" in Greek, explain Arunn and Lakshmi. It's a party where science flows free, like beer. Join the the party. Please divert all beer to the Chemical Sciences Special edition to be hosted at nonoscience on…
In its latest issue, Library Journal singled out 39 noteworthy sci-tech books published in 2007. Storm World was one of two chosen in the "meteorology/earth science" category. Not sure why 39 overall were chosen, honor to share a list with people like Steven Pinker, Natalie Angier, and…
Head over to nonoscience where Arunn has a very cool collection of science posts for the 20th edition of Melt.

Selva, I used to read yours through RSS feed. Was not aware that you moved here. I am getting it back.

I echoed similar sentiments in Nonoscience blog.