Rotten old men

Ladies and gentlemen, no need for any introductions.

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Senile Age, I abhor thee. Sensible Youth, I adore thee. Here is a young student who shows the idiocy of a priest who is unaware that the pulpit reeks.

Long time ago I lived in Boulder. I was new to the country and was channel surfing. I saw O'Reilly speaking assuredly of things he didn't understand. Well, I didn't know who he was then; I didn't know the channel he was on either, and thought, hey, this guy seems smart and sure. When I mentioned it the next day to an american colleague, he gave a bemused smile. It wasn't long before I understood the reason for the smile. My naivete must have seemed extraordinary to him.

Mr Lange did a pretty good job of presenting himself and pointing out O'Reilly's hypocrisy.

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