Outstanding Research Poster Award

Yesterday, at our department's end-of-the-year party, I was informed that I was one of two winners this year of the Outstanding Research Poster Award.


Figure 1: And I have a nifty little certificate to prove it!

SSSR 2009 Poster.jpg

Figure 2: Here it is.

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Hey, congratulations on your award!

Could you post a big enough version of your poster that it's actually readable? The title is interesting, would be nice to read the whole thing.

By tristan.cragnolini (not verified) on 29 Apr 2010 #permalink

Nicely done! I agree, is there another way to post it? I ask for slightly selfish reasons - I'm presenting a poster at a conference this week and would love to be able to put it up on our site after.


Yes, the non-readability was actually by design. I decided when I first started the blog - way back in my wordpress days (like it was soooooooo long ago) - that I wouldn't write about un-published research. I don't pass judgment on those who do, its just an arbitrary line I've drawn. So, once this research is in press (it has been submitted, and is under review, currently), I will certainly write about it.