BlogCast: Random Ramblings of Grad School

Last week, Travis, Christie, Scicurious and I spent about 45 minutes in a skype conference call.

The first 15 minutes were spent making fun of Travis for his strange Canadian speech patterns, and sympathizing with poor Christie for not being able to talk to us while enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian air, because just as we were about to start, the gardeners started making noise outside. What a travesty. Of course this was all before Travis hit the record button on his recording software. Next time, maybe we'll record that stuff too.

So what's left are a handful of random musings on life as a grad student, spanning two countries, three states, and six or seven timezones, lasting about half an hour. Isn't the internet wonderful?

If you'd like to download the MP3 directly, get it here.

I continue to say 'um' entirely too often. I'm working on it, I promise!

Enjoy the blogcast, and be sure to leave comments. Want more like this? Want to request a topic for us to talk about? Is it really hard to understand Travis's Canadian accent?* This is all a giant experiment, so feedback is helpful.

*I'm kidding, of course...

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